Pool cues, balls and chalk on a pool table

Pool Tables

We stock a huge range of quality pool tables and specialise in custom builds. Use our sizing chart to ensure your room is suitable for the table you want.

Table Size

Minimum Room Size

Ideal Room Size

6' x 3'
4.3m x 3.3m
7' x 3'6"
4.57m x 3.5m
5.18m x 4.11m
8' x 4'
4.87m x 3.65m
5.48m x 4.26m
9' x 4'6"
5.18m x 3.81m
5.79m x 4.41m
10' x 5'
5.48m x 3.96m
6.09m x 4.57m
12' x 6'
5.87m x 3.65m
6.78m x 5.28m